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Genre: Progressive & Psy Trance

There's only one obvious thing in the sound of Neelix: Relentless forward boost. Exactly how this boost is generated is not obvious at all – which makes it catchy in the most subliminal way possible. The German artist playfully incorporates elements of Progressive Trance, Progressive House and Electro. However, the actual magic of Neelix happens somewhere inbetween those genres. For 10 years already this unique formula made him a crowd-pleaser at a great variety of dance events on all 5 continents, including monumental festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland or Boom.

It's 2005 when Neelix stirs a revolution. His album 'No Way To Leave' fulfills all the expectations of the dance floor – but it does so in the most unexpected way. Within no time, party goers refer to his highly dynamic hybrid style simply as 'Neelix sound'. It's the beginning of a stellar career that keeps building and building – just like a typical Neelix track itself. During the last decade, the music of Neelix has inspired a whole generation of producers, it can be found in the collections of countless DJ, in film productions, and in the catalogues of prestigious labels like for instance SpinTwist Records or Paul Oakenfold’s legendary Perfecto imprint.

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