G R O T E S Q U E - Back 2 Back Reunion Party
30 September 2017
MC Da Silva
Sied van Riel
Menno de Jong
Adam Ellis
Ruben Verhagen
Robert Nickson

It's over again, that beautiful Summer! That Summer that started somewhere... nobody really knows and a real beautiful summer in Holland is last seen in 1995 or so... Since then, never heard of it again… Way back in the days the sparrows dropped dead from the roof in our summer.. But now there are almost no sparrows left in Holland.. Even the hottest Summer’17 fashion didn’t get the chance to see the daylight.. Poncho’s and rain boots where dominating the festival grounds.. Anyway, Summer has come to an end now, and the Grotesque team gives the advice: TIME TO GO INSIDE!!

Grotesque presents the Back2Back Reunion Party in Factory010

Saturday September 30th, the Grotesque Back2Back Reunion Party in Factory010. Nice to go indoor again… Time to show yourself in your most beautiful outfit without wondering if it will get wet or muddy.. Grotesque presents a special reunion party with a Back2Back edition include massive acts.. 2 for the price of 1 we would say, although you have to fantasize a b2b partner for Robert Nickson yourself, he will open the night all by himself, alongside we can present you a master set of resident RAM b2b with Sied van Riel, In Trance We Trust legend Menno de Jong b2b with Adam Ellis and closing down the night will be done by still a very exclusive b2b project R-Volution presented by Signum and Ruben Verhagen.. All unique and impressive sets as we thought..