Grotesque Indoor Festival #350 - Brazil Carnival
8 December 2018
Alex Di Stefano
Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Artento Divini
Ciaran McAuley
Daniel Skyver
Daniel Wanrooy
John O’Callaghan
Jordan Suckley
Richard Durand
Sean Tyas
Adam Seller - VirtuEthics
Marc den Heijer
MC Da Silva

Grotesque Indoor Festival #350 – Official Trailer released!

The festival season almost over and the Summer is making place for Autumn but at PT Events they are already very busy the last months with the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2018, which takes place on December 8th in the Rotterdam Maassilo. Meanwhile also the 3rd Phase tickets are almost sold out! 

"You can’t get a stronger vote of confidence as an organizer than this, it means that with our restyled Indoor Festival we have taken the right course in 2016 ", tells Ram & Patrick of PT Events. During the #250 show in 2016, the organization threw a lot of creativity on top of it. It had to be more original, tighter and more beautiful. The experiential value is something that Grotesque always focused on and that this was the key to an even greater success, has again become  very clear after an even better Grotesque # 300 show last December.

Official Trailer Grotesque Indoor Festival #350

WIN: Take 7 friends in a Stretched Hummer to the event!

Do you want to go, together with 7 friends to the Grotesque Indoor Festival #350 ? Sign in at the Facebook Eventpage, share the (FB)trailer on your timeline & tag at least 5 friends that you want to take with you in this luxury Stretched Hummer, provided by Starlimo !