Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 - Wild Wild West
9 April 2022
John O’Callaghan
Johan Gielen
Sean Tyas
Richard Durand
Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Misja Helsloot
Artento Divini
Davey Asprey
Daniel Wanrooy
Jochen Miller
Adam Seller
Han Beukers
MC Da Silva
and more
Roog b2b ErickE
Rene Amesz
DJ Jean
Mc Maron Hill
MC Da Silva
Michael Mess
Salvador Deep
Joey Domingo
Mc J

April 9th - Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021(22) – It's finally happening!

YESSSS, it's just going to happen! Saturday April 9th, finally! We have looked forward to it for so long and perhaps even doubted that better times would ever come. But now, yes, now we really have the green light and that means that we are all finally going to get together again for what can already be called the 10th edition of the Grotesque Indoor Festival.

Teaser Grotesque


Just like in 2015, Grotesque was quite trendsetting at the time, we're going to have our party during the day! The doors of the Rotterdam Maassilo will therefore open around 2:00 PM and the beats will sound through the old grain halls until at least 1:00 AM. So, as long as you behave a little, you'll still be home at an okay time, right?

Are you looking forward to this festival as much as we are? Do you traditionally go for the Grotesque Stage, do you also take a look at the BeatFabrique Stage or do you prefer the sultry Kings or Clubbing stage? Everything is possible. In any case, we have provided a sizzling line-up. If you bring a supreme party mood, it will probably be fine.. :)

The Theme

Did we already say something about the theme? New? Well for those who hadn't figured it out yet, this year's theme is Wild, Wilder, Wildest West! Have some fun with it!

The Line Up !

Grotesque Area:

John O’Callaghan – Johan Gielen – Misja Helsloot – Fisherman – Jochen Miller – Xijaro&Pitch – Adam Seller – Hosted by Mc Da Silva

Kings of Clubbing Area:

Roog b2b ErickE – Rene Amesz – Dj Jean ft Mc Maron Hill – Maus b2b Renji – Michael Mess – Salvador Deep – Joey Domingo – Hosted by Mc J 

BeatFabrique Area:

Sean Tyas – Richard Durand – Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Daniel Wanrooy – Artento Divini b2b Davey Asprey – Tulz – Hosted by Mc Da Silva


Tickets are still available on the PT-Events website. If you already had tickets, read carefully what you have to do to enter without any problems. There may be some add-ons attached that will insure your entrance ticket. This of course in connection with the canceled editions….

You need the following to enter

• Loyalfan Ticket + Add-on | Take both tickets with you!

• EarlyBird Ticket + Add – on | Take both tickets with you!

• 1st or 2nd phase Ticket

Refunds are no longer possible..

Facilities at Grotesque Indoor Festival

As you are used to, there are enough lockers available.. A big change, the coins are sold through coin machines.. This can be done with cash or with your debit card. There will also be plenty of food available during the Grotesque Indoor Festival.

Stay Updated ! 

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