Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 - Wild Wild West
22 January 2022


John O’Callaghan
Johan Gielen
Sean Tyas
Richard Durand
Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Misja Helsloot
Artento Divini
Daniel Wanrooy
Jochen Miller
Adam Seller
MC Da Silva

Kings of Clubbing

Erick E
DJ Jean
Mc Maron Hill
Rene Amesz

Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 will be moved!

Unfortunately, after more than 6 weeks of intensive preparation for the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021, the curtain fell for this year's planned edition.. Despite we went for a maximum visited event, it was unfortunately not to be.. But don't worry, we are certainly not going to wait another year..

We immediately looked at other dates.. Normally the Maassilo already has a very full agenda, but since there are a lot of 'catch-up' events, the options are really scarce.. In consultation with all parties we have come to a first option of January 22nd, 2022. This is not an ideal date and we do not know whether the government already has a plan of approach for access to commercial events, in the form of 1-Grotesque, 2-Grotesque or 3-Grotesque.. ;)

A 2nd option is now on April 9th, 2022 and there is a chance that more dates in February or March will become available in the coming weeks, when other parties postpone or cancel their event.. This is a matter of waiting.. But that the Grotesque Indoor Festival (2021) will take place in the first months of 2022 seems certain..

Refunds Tickets

For now you will also have the option to request a refund, however, we will only start with the refund of tickets purchased before December 11 in the new year.. We first make sure that the tickets purchased for the edition of 2020 will be carried out this month, as agreed..

Since we are not yet 100% sure when we can 'catch up' to this edition, I would like to ask you to be patient and only request a refund when more is clear and you will receive an email for / about this at the beginning of January.. Due to the current chaos in the regulations, it has also become confusing for us with all the different types of tickets.. This is now all being worked out first.. Thank you in advance for your understanding..

Despite all the restrictions in the coming weeks, we wish you a wonderful and loving holiday season and stay kind to each other..


Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 goes Wild !

It feels like a century ago that we were dancing together in the Maassilo during the Flower Power edition of GIF 2019. But what a beautiful, colorful edition this was.. With foresight we had already decided to organize a daytime festival in 2020.. But, 2020 didn’t turned out as we had hoped for.. Now the government announced last week that we can use up to 75% of the capacity in the Maassilo, gives us the confidence to put in 200% to create another edition with the 'Wild Wild West' theme that will stay with you for a long time..

Grotesque's 10th anniversary was given extra color thanks to the Flower Power theme. Never before has the public done their best en masse to color the festival. Everywhere you saw cheerful glasses, funny wigs or colorful clothing, related to the theme. Such a great success. The nice  feedback from the crowd have really sent out a very nice signal. There was such an enthusiastic atmosphere everywhere, as it should be in December! So go crazy and wild and do something original with the theme this edition..

The Line Up

Trance Area’s: John O’Callaghan – Johan Gielen – Sean Tyas – Richard Durand – Alex M.O.R.P.H – Daniel Wanrooy – Misja Helsloot – Artento Divini – Jochen Miller – Xijaro & Pitch – Mc da Silva

Kings of Clubbing Area: Roog b2b Erick E – Rene Amesz – Dj Jean ft Mc Maron Hill – Mess – Maus 

More to be announced

Stay updated !

Sign up through the Facebook Eventpage and stay informed of all updates regarding the event. 

Important information about ticket sales

We had already indicated in the previous message that we will sell the tickets in 3 phases, given the new rules regarding events, we will start now with Phase 2 tickets and as we know now it will stay like this.. We assume that a 100 % of the capacity will not be an option for the time being.

Tickets are € 61,= | Available through this link 

Visitors that already have a Loyal Fan or an Earlybird ticket, have need to buy an add-on of € 12,= | Available through this link  - (without your ticket is not valid)

All ticket buyers who have bought a ticket for € 70,= or an add-on of € 21,= will receive a voucher for 3 tokens in the week before the event.

If it happens that we can accommodate fewer people, this rule will apply, first come, first served..





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