Grotesque Indoor Festival - 15th Anniversary
28 December 2024

Grotesque presents the line up for the Trance Area !

PT Events is busy arranging an original and different line up for the 15th anniversary of the Grotesque Indoor Festival. As mentioned earlier, we will bring new artists from other genres to put some new energy into the concept. With 3 fun areas and perhaps another silent disco, it will certainly be a big party with, as mentioned, a refreshing line. up! After this 2 more areas will be announced, keep an eye on it!

Besides this, Grotesque will ofcourse come up with interesting and attractive trance names to suit the trance fans in a proper way :)

Richard Durand - Mark Sherry - Artento Divini - Adam Seller - Roimer b2b Sok

1st Phase Tickets

1st Phase tickets are on sale. Please note, there are only a maximum of 250 available or until we make the next line up announcement. You will undoubtedly have noticed it, but all prices are skyrocketing, with the result that having a party is no longer as easy as it was a few years ago. We as an organization also see no other option than having to increase the entrance price. This is not how we like to see it, but there is no other option if we want to continue to guarantee the same quality and always special experience at Grotesque. 

Here is a preview of what the prices will be:

1st Phase Ticket: €40,= (max 250)

2nd Phase Ticket: €45,= (max 250)

3rd Phase Ticket: €50,= (max 250)

Regular Ticket: € 55,= (max 750 )

Waiting till the last moment Ticket: € 60,= (max 150)

Tickets available now. Be quick, because you don't want to miss this anniversary party!





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