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Faith Mark

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Genre: Trance

2014 is the beginning of a new era with a new name.

After 5 years and almost 200 performances and several residencies for different organisations

(Fusion of Dance, Hypnotize and Touch at the Sea) is Faith Mark ready for another target audience that embrace trance music.


Trance music is her passion and a way to let hear heart speak.

"While listening and sharing trancemusic people are united with love because its a universal language where you don't have to use words just let your heart speak like hers"


With her euphoric and mesmerizing uplifting trance sound in combination with her temperamentfull and energetic performance, Faith Mark will surely touch the audience in their soul and let them dance.


She already released three tracks on two different labels.

"My Passion'' and "Let your Heart Speak" on Above All Records and "Upcoming Storm" witch is also remixed by Scenica on Graygoo Purple.


Stay tuned because her fourth track will be a massive collaboration.

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GIF 2015 - Spring Edition door Michel van Rossum




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