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Nykkyo Energy DJ

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Genre: An energetic musical experience

Nykkyo Energy DJ is a project from Eduard Franckena Chintamania. Eduard Franckena is a Dutch based international counselor and lecturer with a holistic point of view. He enables the power of people to live in line with their greatest desires, purpose and wisdom. 

Next to being a lecturer and therapist he has been 30 years a dj and producer releasing music on labels like Global Underground, Pacha Recording, Spinnin' while performing worldwide under different artist monnikers. Knowledgeable and experienced as he is, he unveils the mystery of life force and manifesting reality. Specialized in activation lectures, (group) healings and quantum physics, Eduard brings, with his project Nykkyo Energy DJ, subtle high and healing frequencies, fusing them with rhythms to the dance floor.

Sacred geometry and sonic geometry is the coding/pattern that lies in all existence and thru it, from source, projects the known holographic universe. All around us, either seen or unseen, geometry or so called singularity projects our reality. This is done by sound and light in higher layers of frequencies which usually not seen or heard by most people. Many have heard of our universe being holographic but is our universe also holo-acoustic? Something to experiment with for sure!

Music is the perfect tool of sound to bring people in higher state of awareness. Where they can be freed of past programming and be guided into new being where they discover that they are free and powerful unlimited infinite beings. Free to be happy, free to be out of drama, enjoying creation and life, seeing and feeling what they truly are!

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