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Genre: Trance, EDM, Electro, Progressive, Techhouse

Renji started out as 'the Enforcer', way back in the year 1993, when he got his first 'real' gig as a DJ playing at a public party in Haarlem (NL). At that party, displaying his talent and mixing skills, he got noticed by people who made way for him as an uprising DJ with a unique sound.

One let to another and in no time an imposing career was launched. For the next couple of years DJ 'the Enforcer' became a well-known name among the DJ's in the hardcore-scene, playing at countless major parties all around.

Somewhere in the late nineties, when electronic music became more mainstream, this DJ noticed that the music he really liked and wanted to play, didn't fit in any sort of subculture (mellow/hardcore) that was going on in Holland at that time. Although the kind of music he did like was rising in Greece, Italy and Spain, his homeland Holland didn't seem to be ready for an " in between" music style.

Faced by a moral dilemma, DJ Renji (the altered name he chose for his new musical direction) decided to follow his heart and made a promise to himself from then on only to play the kind of music that reflects his real passion, best to describe: alternative melodic trance with a 'catch', leaded by a pounding bass. Unfortunately, this wasn't yet to be embraced by the Dutch crowd, which let to fewer bookings in Holland, but more and more fame in Italy and around.

While being a resident DJ at several Italian venues, like 'Cocorico' (Riccione) and 'Baja Imperiale' (Rimini), Renji became more and more experienced with an upcoming and all over Europe accepted sound of electronic music: mostly known as progressive trance.

Due to personal circumstances, Renji has not been able to work on his DJ career for a couple of years. He made only a few public appearances in Holland from the early 2000's up until 2007. Obviously, he is too passionate to let his talent get wasted. Renji made a new start in 2008 and is now back in the Dutch partyscene once again.

Every weekend... He's shredding the dancefloors of the most prestigious clubs and venues in Holland and abroad. Being booked regularly by high-end organisations like Crazyland, Exceptionnel, Decisions, Touch Events and many, many more... The sky seems to be the limit and there is no stopping him. 

Although Renji's choice of music made him an outcast in Holland for some time, nowadays his unique and unrivaled style is more popular than ever and his fanbase is still growing every day!

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